Help Us To Help Mia …and many more like her.

We are a group of Irish professionals, who in our work have come across many cases like that of Mia, after whom our charitable trust is named.

Mia lost a substantial amount of her hair following a traumatic burns incident. There are hundreds every year just like her, and adults, too, who have suffered disfiguring hair loss through cancer treatment, post-surgical scarring, congenital conditions or trauma. Our aim is to restore to these people the dignity that they have lost and provide them with hair restoration treatment options that is tailored to their individual needs.

Due to insufficient public funding available for hair restoration treatment options, either in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, we have set up the Mia Hair Restoration Charitable Trust. We are asking you to help us with a donation, so that our work may continue in this field, helping to restore not just hair, but self-esteem and psychological wellbeing to those unfortunate enough to suffer as Mia has done.