Parents of 14 year old boy from Galway.

When our little little baby was six weeks old he was burned in an accidental fire at home. His brother of two-and-a-half at the time was playing with matches and set alight his Moses basket on fire. As a result of that accident he suffered severe burns to his head mainly to the top and right side, where he was treated with skin grafts but no hair ever grew back.

He was also given the Ballooning treatment at three years of age but because he was very upset with the whole treatment, we stopped it all. We couldn’t put him through any more pain. Now we have found a perfect solution for our son who is now 14 yrs old and he is happy with it, which is his hairpiece. He has been attending a clinic in Dublin, specialising in hair systems, since he started his first year in secondary school and now entering his third year. Throughout national school, where there was just a small amount of students, he always just wore a bandana without any problems but then he felt things might change in secondary school, so he wanted a hairpiece. This is a brilliant service but can be costly as I am a carer on weekly pay and my husband is on a FAS course. We do get an annual payment from the HSE which eases the cost a bit.

14 Year old boy from Galway

I am 14 years old. I suppose when I was much younger and less conscious of my appearance, the lack of hair on parts of my head was not such a big issue, but in the last few years as I’ve grown up and gone to secondary school, it could have been a big problem.

Attending the clinic has given me new confidence, as the hairpieces are so natural-looking and they are even able to alter the style to fit in with current fashions! It has genuinely changed my life in this regard, and I honestly don’t know how I would face the world without the help I have been given.

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