When our daughter, Caroline was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2003 when she was just nine years old it was a very traumatic time for all the family. Having spent our time in Crumlin Childrens hospital where she received her chemotherapy this was followed by six weeks of radiotherapy in St. Luke’s Hospital. The day that her hair started to fall out broke our hearts as parents.

This was not what you expect your daughter to have to go through. She was very brave and just said if it’s going to fall out we may as well cut it short. She had gorgeous long blonde hair. This added to the upset. She had a wig which she wore then she eventually returned to school. Several years went by and she just cast the wig aside when her hair started to grow.

However hair never returned to the front of her head due to extensive radiotherapy. We met with Dr. Rosemarie Watson, Consultant Dermatologist in Our Lady’s Hospital, Crumlin and she referred us to a hair restoration clinic for assessment. We met the surgeon and team in 2008 and were advised Caroline had sufficient hair in the donor area for a transplant.


We were apprehensive as this was further treatment on Caroline after all she had suffered but the team put us all at ease as they talked us through the process. Once the decision was taken to proceed we had the further worry of the cost but we set about raising the funds immediately as this was something we wanted to be able to do for Caroline.

With the support and wonderful encouragement of the team wonderful surgery was possible. The transplant (part 1) that took place I must say is changing Caroline’s life. She will tell you all this herself. We are delighted that the Mia Charity has been set up because if one more person gets a chance to smile and be confident again it will be worth it.

– Sean and Bernie.

My name is Caroline. As my Mam and Dad have said losing my hair was very upsetting. For a few years I just got on with my life as I felt lucky that I had made a full recovery and also that there was nothing I could do about my hair. I had an appointment with Dr Rosemarie Watson in Our Lady’s Hospital, Crumlin and she told me about the hair restoration option.


The team there are most sincere and welcoming and I didn’t feel one bit nervous. I felt I could trust them completely. I was a bit taken aback at first at the cost as I did not want my parents to have to do this for me but as usual they just said yes we will manage somehow.

I had surgery which was painless and I followed the aftercare exactly as they said. The result is amazing. I had my Debs during the summer and got my hair done in Peter Marks. I felt like a princess and it’s all thanks to the team. All my friends and family are amazed at the transformation and delighted with the outcome.

The whole procedure is very intricate but with the skill of all the surgeons, the results speak for themselves. I know it is mostly men that get this procedure but if any girl finds herself in my situation all I can say is “go for it”. I will lend my support to the Mia Charity as I feel privileged to have got this opportunity and would like a similar experience for others.

– Caroline