Galway to Merrion Square, Dublin Cycle

Mia Hair restoration Charitable Trust is hosting its first cycle ride from Eyre Square, Galway to Merrion Square, Dublin, on Thursday 19th March to Saturday 21st March 2015.
The 200+kms route will pass through Athlone and Maynooth, with the final celebrations in Dublin.If you would like to participate and are in good health, you would need to contact the charity at

And a huge thank you to Rotha who kindly supplied the bike, with great advice and patience.


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MiaFund would like to extent a huge thank you to supporters of the Square Route Galway to Dublin;

MiaFund would like to add special thanks to 103.2 Dublin City FM and

Headline Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0