MIA Hair Restoration Charitable Trust Fund was set up to formalise the pro-bono service for patients who have suffered traumatic hair loss, but were restricted in restorative options due to the financial implications of the procedure.

Mia’s story and energy, despite adversity, inspired the name of the Charity

Mia is a young girl who experienced traumatic hair loss due to burns suffered as a very young baby. The area of scarring is significant, but well camouflaged and would be very obvious if she tied her hair back

However, the story starts in 2008 with another young girl, diagnosed with cancer and a brain tumour at the age of nine. She had to undergo chemotherapy and aggressive radiotherapy resulting in frontal alopecia and the loss of her hair.

Pioneering hair transplant surgery was recommended but the cost of hair restoration proved prohibitive. Against the background of the national economic crisis, and given the realities of a limited budget, the HSE unfortunately were unable to provide full financial assistance.

The full restorative treatment services are ultimately only available in the private healthcare sector.

Consequently, Mia was established as a charity to help source and pay for services for patients who have suffered traumatic hair loss, but are unable to access restorative and therapeutic options due to financial constraints.

ONLY Consultant Referrals will be accepted.

All ON-LINE funding applications will ONLY be supported by a Consultant Referral Letter